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Pooja Castings’ Automotive Solutions  Sets the Bar High at Newcast 2023

Jun 14, 2023Jun 14, 2023

As the brainchild of the visionary and innovative engineer, Anil Kulkarni, Pooja Castings has flourished over the past 36 years under his flawless guidance and unwavering commitment to quality. From its humble beginnings in 1987 with a small foundry in Pune, spanning 4000 sq. ft. and a modest annual turnover of 3 Lacs, Pooja Castings has grown exponentially. With Anil Kulkarni at the helm, the company now boasts an impressive annual output of 1800 tons, earning a stellar reputation as a trusted and reliable partner in Aluminium Die Casting manufacturing. Today, the company is respected and acclaimed as a trustworthy Aluminium Die Casting manufacturing partner by our customers as in most cases we are Single Source for their parts.

“This is the second time we are participating, and I must say the arrangements have been excellent. We have seen a significant increase in customer participation than our previous experience. The presence of Indian businesses at the expo is truly remarkable. Among Asian countries, China and India have dominated the exhibition, with India emerging as a close contender to China. It is evident that India is poised to become the preferred destination for businesses in the near future. We are witnessing a shift where more and more businesses are looking towards India as their next venture location”, shares Anil Kulkarni, the founder of Pooja Castings.

Pooja Castings proudly showcased their high-quality Transmission Cases for Electric Cars at the expo. These cases play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of electric vehicles’ powertrain systems. Pooja Castings’ expertise in manufacturing transmission cases is actively supporting the growing electric vehicle market in India. Not only this, the company also promotes sustainable transportation solutions. Small-scale industries in India benefit greatly from Pooja Castings’ offerings, as they can access top-notch transmission cases locally, reducing their reliance on imported components and supporting the growth of indigenous manufacturing capabilities.

The company also presented their Intake Manifolds, which are essential components in an engine’s air intake system. These manifolds are meticulously designed and crafted to optimise airflow and ensure efficient combustion within the engine. With Pooja Castings’ intake manifolds, small-scale manufacturers can enhance the performance and fuel efficiency of their engines, contributing to their competitiveness in the market.

Pooja Castings’ precision-engineered Cylinder Head Covers, which play a vital role in protecting the engine’s cylinder head and its components ensures the sealing of the combustion chamber, preventing leaks and maintaining proper engine performance. This not only enhances the performance of their products but also contributes to the overall development and growth of the Indian manufacturing sector.

At Newcast 2023, despite being there for the second time, Pooja Castings were exceptionally proficient in their exhibition, the delivery and their technical hold when it came to their products. This participation of Pooja Castings at the Newcast was a resounding success which was evident by the kind of footfall they had at their booth. With this, they not only put themselves amongst the very best but also became an inspiration for a lot of enterprises in and around the region to set the standards high when it comes to manufacturing.

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