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Look Back ... to the Anniston softball league beginning playoffs, 1948

May 30, 2023May 30, 2023

Jul. 23—July 23, 1948, in The Star: Five members of the City Softball League will begin a series of playoffs today to determine the new city champion, and an Anniston entry for the state softball tournament which begins in Birmingham Aug. 21. Three teams ended their regular season yesterday in a deadlock for first place: Alabama Motors (which didn't take the win outright only because it lost to Southeastern Castings), Lee Brothers and O. H. Parker. They all have 20-5 records. Also this date: In other local sports, the final day of qualifying for the annual Calhoun County Golf Championship will begin at the Municipal Golf Course tomorrow with more than 75 golfers already entered in the local links classic. Best score so far is 75 by Howard Weathers Jr. Marcus Howze qualified with an 85, followed by Jim Dupree with an 88 and D. L. Rosser with an 89. Scoring even 90s were Bob Stone and Clyde Hobbs.

July 23, 1998, in The Star: The Berman Museum and the Anniston Museum of Natural History are zeroing in on hiring a new director, and they're optimistic they can do a better job than last time. It took nine months for the natural history museum to find its last director, Ellen Donovan, and less than a year to fire her. The museum board wouldn't explain why she was fired at the time, saying it feared a lawsuit. Candidates appear to be more qualified for the job this time, says search committee chairman Ken Deal. Although the two museums plan to share a director and some exhibits, they plan to maintain separate identities, staffs and boards.