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Redditor reveals how they got 2 Le Creuset pans for just $4: ‘Score of the century’

May 16, 2023May 16, 2023

Thrift shopping isn’t just a forum to flaunt your sense of style. It’s also a budget-friendly way to source beautiful luxury items for your home.

One thrifty Redditor user recently proved exactly that. In a recent post, they show how they found a pair of high-end Le Creuset cooking pots — for just over $4.

“Thrift score of the century,” u/AsparagusTops captions the post.

Le Creuset cookware has gained attention online in recent years as a high-quality brand that comes in a range of bright colors. This combination of usefulness and beauty is a major draw for both serious cooks and online content creators.

Food & Wine writer Margaret Eby covered the trend in October 2020, noting that TikTok users had become “weirdly obsessed” with the brand. However, the high price of a Le Creuset pot has been a barrier to entry for many with individual pieces retailing for hundreds of dollars.

For example, uAsparagusTops’ photo appears to include a red “LE CREUSET Amour Cast Iron Hearth Casserole” — a red, heart-shaped dish currently on sale (at a discount!) for over $200 on the company’s website. That’s just one of the pieces the Redditor found wearing a remarkable $2.99 sticker. And according to the post, it was on the 50% off shelf.

Huge savings like these are one reason thrifting has been rising in popularity, along with environmental concerns about reducing the amount of material going to local landfills. Secondhand clothing in particular has become a major trend, and the industry is expected to triple by 2029.

But clothing isn’t the only product sold for cheap at a local secondhand shop. Depending on the area, thrift store shoppers may find housewares, furniture, garden supplies, shoes, jewelry, purses, books, and toys, some of them from upscale brands and many in excellent condition.

“Literally near perfect condition,” u/AsparagusTops writes in the post. In the comments, the Redditor adds, “I would’ve paid so much for these!!!! I’m still in shock.”

Other users respond with congratulations, envy, and stories of their own amazing finds.

“The first thing I ever cooked in my identical (also thrifted) heart le creuset was a heart-shaped apple pie for my now-partner,” one commenter writes. “There’s really something to be said for how damned cute and fulfilling it is to bake heart-shaped food for the ones you love.”

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