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New Orleans Lakeview Stafford Place Road Patrol

Jul 31, 2023Jul 31, 2023

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Residents in one Lakeview neighborhood have been dealing with what they call an eyesore for more than 18 years.

It's not a pothole, it's more like an ugly pimple that just won't go away.

"It's not a pothole. But it's almost like a little volcano that's erupting over here. Well, not erupting, it's growing over here," Jimmy Kohlmann said.

Kohlmann lives on Stafford Place and he reached out to the WDSU Road Patrol because of the huge hole blocking his driveway.

With emotions erupting and frustrations growing, neighbors are tired of the eyesore on Stafford Place.

And if the pimple-like mess protruding from the ground wasn't enough, Kohlmann says the street is sinking.

" It's sinking, the manhole cover is a good foot and a half above where it should be and the streets impassable, the driveway is practically impassable," Kohlmann said. "I see cars and hear cars bottoming out and scraping and hitting as they come through here."

But what Kohlmann hasn't seen or heard is action from city departments to fix issues on his street.

"The city's done nothing, they come out, paint lines every now and then. Put some different colors on the sidewalk, they recently put some colors around here. They've done that before, but nothing ever gets done," Kohlmann said.

Kohlmann hopes now that he is speaking out, the city will finally tackle the issue.

"It's to come out here and properly fix the street like they have done with some of the others. When they do the work, it looks like it's really good work being done and holds up real well; and it's time to get this one done," Kohlmann said.

The Department of Public Works issued the following statement regarding the eyesore:

"216 Stafford Place is slated to be fully reconstructed as a part of the upcoming West End Group C , F, and G project.

"This merged project is currently in the design phase and on schedule to be released for public bid by the first quarter of 2024.

"Roadway conditions on Stafford are caused by the failure of subsurface utilities (waterlines and drainage lines). This is why a full reconstruction is necessary. Since the design for the roadway is a part of the merged project that is in process, we have limited remediation options that are sustainable until the project begins construction.

"Currently, there is a plan to lower the manhole and patch a small amount of asphalt just around the area until the project comes to rebuild the street. The Department of Public Works (DPW) remains committed to monitoring barricades and employing feasible stopgaps like this between now and construction."